5 Essentials of being a Good Manager

What is it to be a Manager? A Team Leader?

Someone who not only overviews team’s work but also leads them, directs them and develops them? I guess more or less this would suffice as a simple definition.

So what does it take to be the above mentioned manager? A role model for them, to climb up the ladder, and become a leader one day? There cannot be a perfect, fit-for-all mold for becoming a great manager but there are certain traits which a you should possess and/or develop if you are aiming to lead a team and lead it successfully.

  1. Time Management :

Managing your own tasks, meetings and schedules is of utmost importance here. Not only this, being on time- for meetings or every day at workplace, is equally important too. Apart from this, you must keep some time for your team. To listen to them, their ideas and thoughts. Even their grievances. After all, they look at not only as their leader but also their philosopher and guide. Be the one, manage your time!

  1. Communication Skills:

I think this trait is a must-have for any professional in any profession. Whatever your language of communication at work place, you must be expert in that. Being a good communicator gives you an edge over others.


  1. Perfection:

Being perfect at your tasks will give you authority to expect perfection from your team. Unless you follow your own rules, there is no point in expecting others to do so. Remember, you are a leader by position but you’ve got to be a follower by heart, of your principles and rules.


  1. Organization:

Being organized is very important; in fact it is important for any role. But especially for top notch roles wherein you’re leading people, it is essential that you are organized in terms of your work, your thoughts and your work cubicle also. Being organized is a source of positive energy and it helps you be systematic in your approach towards work and matters.

  1. Stay in the Know:   


When you are on the top, it is a mandate that you know all what is going around in the team, in the organization and in the industry. To stay updated with current systems inside and outside the organization will make you take better decisions, pick right people to do tasks and make you a fair judge of right and wrong. Staying updated on what’s new in your domain, other organizations’ policies and the laws pertaining to your domain are a must. Furthermore, you should always know at least that much or more than your team members, only then it makes sense to lead them.

Your team and in fact everyone around is observant about your style of working, the way you conduct yourself and how you deal with others. All this makes it very important for you to be disciplined, organized and alert in whatever you do. There is no magic formula that will work wonders but a little effort put in with 100% heart will certainly give amazing results, not only at your individual level but will also make others ape you rather than only eyeing your position 🙂

It is also important for a team that they learn from their manager. If a manager is not imparting any learning formally and informally, both, then the team is unlikely to stick under the umbrella. Every human being is knowledge hungry and one must respect this hunger and treat it timely!

After all being at the top is not an easy job but who said it is an impossible one? Just put in the required efforts and you are good to sail the boat!


Manager: Don’t Mingle, Only Rule?

When it comes to being a Manager, a team leader, there are lot of dos and don’ts one is being told to follow.

A manager is a “person”, let us start from here. A person, who is a given a team to handle and to get the work done. The manager is responsible for enabling conducive environment in the team and maintaining the productive levels of the team members. The manager is a person the team members look up to for learning new things and practicing the existing.

Now in between all these roles, there is one more role a manager has to play and that is of being a mid hanger between the management and the team members as well as employees, yes I’m talking about an HR Manager here!

How does a manager motivate the team members? How does a manager bond well with the team members? Does a manager need to bond well with the team members at all? This could be a very subjective question as well as situation and persona dependent. Because behind every manager there is a personality which is functional. This personality has a great effect on how a manager conducts himself/herself and manages the team.

If one has to ask me, how I handle my team, I would say this:

-I balance: I pamper and I reprimand.

-I believe in giving freedom & space: Lining up the tasks and checking back on the deadline.

-I trust: To certain extent where team members know they cannot lie to me, in fact they need not lie to me!

-I mingle: I become like my team offline, on trips, on small vacations and on eat outs.

All this with a pinch of professionalism and boundaries. There is a very thin boundary line between a mingling manager and a professional strict manager. I do not believe in being only manager to my team. I want to connect at human level, know the person behind the role which helps me in understanding their potential and limitations. For me being a soft manager works well where in I don’t have to reprimand often and the work is done within stipulated deadlines.

There are times when I’ve been pointed out as the one who spoils the team rotten by pampering and being too soft. But as long as my team is working on my words and delivers on deadlines without fail and yet feel light and happy, my job is done! So be it because I’m a soft manager or whatever! The bottom line is met.

That said, there is no fixed formula by which one can manage the team all the time. There is some tweaking needs to be done in the way one handles the team, depending on the team members and the situation.

What is your idea of a good manager? Do you advocate maintaining distance and not mingling with the team offline? How do you get the team to trust you and follow?