Weekend is here !

It is weekend again and now is the right time to share this with you. I received this from a relative and laughed out so loud ! Funny videos and creative ideas people have !

Well,jokes apart,the point is why is an employee dreaded to,or if that is a strong word here,feels lazy to go to work on a Monday morning ? Or for that matter why is the employee waiting,in fact dying to reach that Friday of the week ? Is it that bad at the office ? Are the employees really loaded so much so that they don’t feel like spending some time in office? Or is it a psychological matter of the brain ? And if at all employees are really not happy at the work place then what is the HR doing ? Isn’t HR responsible to retain and engage employees and all of that ?

So is HR failing to do it’s job or the employees are unreasonable ? May be something out of this or all of it is right in a way or the other !

Something to share from my experience:

When we in the HR team felt that there is a need of some fun event to be organised at the office so that the employees get a break from that slogging scheds,so we came up with an idea of a family day for Saturday. Idea was to get all the employees and their respective families to come to the office and participate in the several events that were planned. The idea was really nice and we all in the team were excited to share this with the takers of this event-the employees ! To our astonishment,the employees were not at all ready to come to the office on the Saturday ! Ah, not for the event as well ! Though they liked the idea very much and wanted us to organise it on some weekday may be around 3ish or so which could be finished in 3 hours max and they could go home at the same time !

Goes to tell you that how the employees are conditioned to not come to office on a Saturday or even worse-on a Sunday ..even if that means fun and leisure !

No wonder HR guys have the toughest jobs..they have to constantly keep the employees happy.Scratch their brains to woo the employees with new and innovative ideas-All the time !