Life Cycle…

What happens when you become the core member of the team and then you decide to quit. For good and because of your personal constraints. What all happens to your role, your team, the seniors and the people you work with closely.

In my view, every team member is an important element in the team. The percentage of productivity will surely vary but then you can’t right away reject the idea of any particular team member to be unproductive. So, when a really productive team is quitting the company the series of happenings taking place are as follows:

The quest to find the replacement,and the exact one,starts. You find that you are running out of time and its becoming so crucial to find the replacement soon.

The knowledge transfer strategies are made up and a schedule is drawn to make sure that there is nothing left untouched in the entire transaction.

There are rumours spread of something really going wrong in the company since a very productive and very-close-to-the-top-notches in the company is leaving.

People are quiet sad about the employee who is pretty close to almost every employee is leaving.Its going to leave a void for a while.

In the meanwhile the search is almost complete and the replacement accepts the offer. Joins and is put with the resigned employee for transition.

There are high expectation set for the new employee as to match to the ones which the resigned employee has performed till now.

Slowly but steadily the new employee also becomes the part of the team and the company. Things start falling in place and the resigned employee is slowly taken out of important meetings,discussions an decisions.

Finally the day comes when the resigned employee practically is our of the company. Bye-byes and send offs. “will miss you” messages. Post last working day-lot of calls and emails and smses from the team members and the other employees.

Slowly it all starts fading. Vanishing and finally put only in the memories.

So, that’s what is called as the life cycle of an employee in an organisation-just like we have a product life cycle !

Everything has an end and all what ends has a new beginning. The employee goes to another company and starts the ‘infant stage’ of the life cycle !