Health of HR Personnel | Why is it important

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Health is very important for any human being, we all agree. However, when it comes to corporate world, health of Human Resource becomes very important for the organization, for so many reasons. And when I say health, here I mean mental and physical, both. An Human Resource professional should be mentally & physically fit to function as the HR personnel. Here’s why:

Mental Health : Happiness Quotient

If an HR personnel is not happy himself/herself, it would be difficult for the person to manage grumpy employees, which by the way are always found around you anyway! Now happiness is a sate of mind, we all have heard of this. Practically speaking, happiness depends on lot of things and people around us. Family, friends, unknown people on the road, that security guard at the office gate, annoying office boy, colleagues and bosses! Adding to it, the things like a problematic shower nozzle in the bathroom, distasteful breakfast or no breakfast, the boring radio stations while on way to work, honking horns, irritating traffic, no parking slot, unclean desk etc. Any of these things and people qualify for a person to switch off instantly.

On top of it, imagine, if the person is already upset because of something that happened at home and he is running late to reach office and then something very silly happens while on the way or upon reaching office, tada, that is enough to set the person on fire!

Physical Health : Fitness Quotient

Now, when I say fitness, it does not only mean being slim trim and having cellulite free body. Fitness means, the real sense fitness, of mind and soul and eventually the body. If you have adopted an exercise regime, nothing like it, stick to it! If you haven’t but you are able to score better on fitness quotient, you’re still doing great.

Fitness, also means that your entire body is in right shape right from your hair, skin, teeth and the likes. Imagine, what does a bad hair day, like literally, does to you? What does a bad tooth ache do to you? What effect does that silly tiny zit on your nose has on you? These things might sound very normal in a person’s life but are significant enough to pull you down with your confidence and mood in a jiffy!

So mental and physical health of HR matters and makes a huge difference in his/her behavior at work. It affects the way he/she deals with the employees. It is as simple as that, if your life is set, if you are happy, you see the problems from a different perspective, based on which the solutions you would think of,would differ, your actions will emit positive energy and your decisions will bring in collaboration.

And it is not surprising to know that how these two quotients are closely connected to each other. If you’re eating healthy, sleeping well and smiling adequately, your brain is getting exercised inescapably. And if your brain is oiled everyday, the benefits you will reap out of it are profuse, you will enjoy your day, your work, engaging in discussions, meeting people, resolving their issues, finding out right ways, and more importantly fret less or not at all.

The below info-graphic sums it up accurately:

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So brace yourselves up, get up and get going. Eat healthy, catch good habits, stay fit and be merry. Once you are all that, you’ll never forget to spread the cheer, positivism and peace around you! The most needed for an HR personnel to do so, right?

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All In A Day, In One Life!

Read one of the tweets today which said “Constantly awed by women who manage kids, a job, workout, travel, parties, books and social media. Even listing all that tired me out” 



It made me think for a while, for the very reason that I kind of fall in this category. I work full time, a mother to a 4 years old with whom I craft & paint & read, I write blogs, attend tweets chats, have friends in life with whom I party and plan holidays, have a husband, of course, who apparently has no complaints of me not able to give him time 😉 , and I keep time for myself for reading books, reviewing them on my blog and well, that majorly sums my whole life.

The point is not that I’m doing so much. The point here is, yes there are people who manage their life, as they want to, in an easy manner and are mostly successful at it.

So how do people manage having everything, when we’ve been brought up on the ideology that you can’t have everything ?

I think the magic lies in keeping a goal of balancing everything and not to have everything! Some things that come to my mind, that I follow to achieve things that I want from my life are these:

Prioritize: I know, this is very commonly spoken about and must have umpteen articles and how-tos  about it on the Internet. But the problem is we all know, but we don’t really prioritize. There will always be 10 things expected out of you at the workplace in a day. There will be 5 things every day on your mind to be done in your personal life. And the fact remains, not all days it would be possible to achieve all those 15 things. So, the first thing we need to be really clear about is acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that there is only limited you can do, not because you are incapable of it but because not all tasks are under your control. Lot of tasks at workplace will have dependency on others, lot of commitments in personal life will have importance of other person’s availability. So, we need to accept that out of 10 only those which hold top priority of being done the same day should appear in your to-do list for that day. Also, you might as well be a great multi-tasker, but don’t over do it. Pay attention to each task likewise. This will save your time, I’m sure.

Plan: I think planning well and in advance really really plays an important role. Of course for impromptu tasks/events you can’t do much but if your other tasks are well planned, you are still better of of the sudden situation coming your way! Keep space for these uncalled for events in personal life or meetings in professional. And please make sure your planned activities should be timed, breaking the timeliness creates spillage of tasks and that’s where the mess begins!


List: You should list down your tomorrow’s task prior. If today you list down the things you need to do tomorrow in office, you’ll be in better shape to judge and commit for your personal things for tomorrow, vice versa too. Once the list is made, it gets glued to your mind, so you are aware that you can’t over commit or fit some extra tasks or maybe just take a break from office, nice feast right? 🙂


Image result for youYou: Never ever forget, in all this drill of managing home & office, it is  you who is important. Don’t let the YOU get lost in this whirlwind of life. Things will take place, time will run at its own pace, don’t miss to pay attention to what your YOU needs. Communicate with yourself, listen to your needs, there will be times when you’ll need a break from everything, give that to yourself, your deserve it! Your hobbies & interests are very important and should get listed in your life, as one of the priorities!

Feel: Finally, anything and everything can be done only if you really really feel passionate for it! If you are not passionate about it, you don’t want it. Its that simple !! So feel passionate for your work, your life, your kids and your spouse. All these complete you as a person. They are important ingredients that will help you live your life to the fullest! And most importantly, know your passion 🙂

I think it is very easy to balance, just that we need to know the knack of it all. Don’t challenge yourself, there is no competition of who is doing how much in their lives. It is about you as an individual, and as much you can do, is good for you. And if you cannot, don’t feel bad just because someone else can do greater than you 🙂

Live Lively, Feel Happy!

Employee Engagement

I’ve so far maybe taken 100 interviews and what I generally ask to 3+ years of experienced HR professionals is “what do you mean by employee engagement?” and you’ve to bite yourself to believe this that 70% of the times I get an answer “to conduct activities for employees”.

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Earlier I used to get upset with such answer/s and think that people are not ready to even think using a little of the common sense. But slowly when it started getting very common, I studied people deeper for this particular subject and realized ‘Employee Engagement’ is still not very much explored topic in lot of HR curricula.

I sometimes take lectures in B-Schools on ‘Connect between Industry and Theoretical HR’ and I touch base on employee engagement. Students do have some idea about what is engagement but there answers and eyes ask for more knowledge on this topic.

Employee Engagement, such an essential topic for core HR personnel. If you look at the industry today, you’ll find there are employee engagements specialists and it has become one of the domains in HR. A good EE score tells how very deeply engaged are your employees in the organization.

Engagement varies at various levels: work, profile, attachment towards organization, commitment towards one’s role, on call beyond duty. Engaged employees not only decrease the attrition rate but also function as your brand ambassadors.

Value them, empower them, care for them and cater to their needs. That said you’ve to know the difference between genuine needs and overboard needs 🙂 After all who said HR personnel job was easy?




A mother : An HR Manager & A child : An employee ?

We all have known this fact and have many a times seen and experienced it that whatever the mother does or feels or thinks it all gets reflected on the baby who is still in the embryo. It moulds the baby’s nature and likes and dislikes to some extent. Hence it is advised to always be happy,think right,eat healthy and stay away from fights or some abnormal happenings in life.

The moment the baby is out in this world,it starts taking inputs from it’s surroundings..the people around and the environment plays an important role in the making of the tiny human being into a person who would be certain X or Y when he or she grows up. Children do pick up a lot from the elders around and again the elders are supposed to be careful to not fight in front of the children or not misbehave in any manner.Also to spread positivity and teach children good things and give them a wise school of thought !

Come to the corporate world. It matters a lot on how the way the employees have been brought up in their respective families and the culture and environment where they have matured.Secondly, it surely matters more as to how the HR manager is dealing with the employees and what level of maturity does the manager posses. Though you might argue that not every employee reports in to the company’s HR manager. Agreed,totally ! 

But I strongly feel that the attitude of an HR manager towards the organisation and it’s functioning matters a lot as to how employees perceive their contribution to the organisation. And employees will always look upto to the HR department in totality to learn or unlearn.Employees when not happy with their reporting managers or being at a cross with their managers,come running to the HR only.That’s the only place they have to come to..and if they are not being treated properly or consoled they will find a way out..that is exit the organisation for lack of understanding and care required from the company as a whole !

And there are times when you really need to pamper your employees and at the same time keep them walking on the tight rope of performance and targets…just like a mother does to her child..a balancing act of pamper and restrictions.

If an HR manager starts thinking in this manner,I guess lot of attitude problems will be solved at the surface level only. An HR is the woman of the family [organisation] who has all the strings and he/she has to be super careful before pulling or releasing any string ! 

For applying this thought one has to be totally committed to the organisation,which ironically is a rare thing these days !

Organisational Commitment-Test in downturn !

Organizational Commitment: What do we really think when we hear /read this title? The first reaction we might give is-A HR topic. A new HR jargon. etc etc… Theoretically- It’s performing beyond yourjob responsibilities in the organization.

Practically-Do we check with ourselves about the organizational commitment?So guys when especially in this time, we are talking about the Job loss and salary cut, can we think about organizational commitment as well?

These are the best time for any HR personnel to figure out who is really committed to the work and the company. Post appraisals people come and ask for -“what is in it for me? I did so well. I did late sittings. I did that…I did this…” does this all sound familiar?

When the top layer in the company is being fair and honest with the employees below, its employees’ duty to trust them and support them in the bad times. Help the organization sail through even in the rough weather. Its time for employees to get up and stand together for their organization. Isn’t it?

For those who did get their bonus pay and are not sacked (sorry for being harsh) should really thank god and see how they can perform better to enhance the company’s productivity. Employees could try any or all of these and more to fight the current scenario:

Enhance / Upgrade your own skills

Train your team members

Learn new skills in other areas / functions

Design a new business model, applying creativity, to sell you product / project

Help form a Green Team in your organization who would device methods to reduce extra expenses in the organizations.

Form a Motivators’ Group-To motivate the employees within team as well beyond.

… And there could be many such. In turn organizations could also take few steps to help employees come out of the setback and motivate them to look forward to better times.

All in all both the shores-employees and Management-need to come together to stand strong and fight through with the current times. Remember we learnt long back in school- Together we stand, divided we fall!

HR comes into picture to balance the act at both the ends. It functions as the mid-hanger between Management and Employees. In these times HR plays a very critical role. It has to be alert and Active!

So what are we saying? That HR plays an important role in motivating employees, increasing their organizational commitment and helping management take right decisions pertaining to employees.

Employees on the other hand need to be more understanding and careful about their steps. Cautious and open for change.

Management needs to Listen and Think. Act cautiously and be open and honest!