Background Screening: New Hires and Other Way Round Too?

Last week while talking to my colleague we stumbled upon the topic of background checks of new hires. While getting a little deeper in his thought process I realized that before joining me, he had done a little background check on me !

I was stunned to hear that, well not in a negative manner though! Just that I’d never thought that someone would do a check on me before taking me his/her boss. This is not much “trending” as they say! Or maybe I had not heard about it.

The thought of getting a background check done on your future boss is a little exciting and a little weird idea. Now exciting why, I need not explain, I think 😉 But weird I think because of the below reasons:

-If the feedback is not good:

Just in case the feedback is not good, and in some cases the joinee has no choice but to still join the organization, he/she will carry that assumption to work of the boss and react keeping that in mind. As they say, assumptions are dangerous!

-If the feedback is good:

But just in case the feedback turns out to be wrong, the joinee’s expectations will be shattered seeing the opposite behavior and treatment of the boss!

As it is, boss and subordinate relationship is very tactical and delicate, if not handled properly it can break (hearts too) ! And on top of that if the feedback is added to the expectations or assumptions and in reality the things turn out to be different, then I see a huge problem!

All I can say is, finding out about the person that you’re going to work with is not a bad idea at all, it is certainly a good idea to get a pre-hand information, just that one must follow the basic rule of life which I thoroughly believe in

Never react on things that you’ve not heard or seen by your own self. Keep it as an information and but only react when you experience them on your own!

What is your thought on this? Have you been background checked anytime as a boss?


2 thoughts on “Background Screening: New Hires and Other Way Round Too?

  1. An honest confession here…yes I have done it. For me, it was a way to prepare myself better for the new role not a deciding factor. Thats a sign that employees are now getting more selective n careful about choosing a not just money n work but who you are going to work which matters too.

  2. Its mutual introspection which is required here. Its Boss Vs Me, mandatory background verification is required. Most organisations provide opportunity to interview their prospective leader which may be a introspection to both to understand their thought process. My take would be follow professional ethics and uphold the values, and you can transform the lives of your teams for better.

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