Can HR have bad hair days?

We all know one of the greatest jobs for an HR professional at hand is ’employee grievance handling’. Addressing employee’s grievances is something that falls invariably under all the HR professionals umbrella and is an important task.

For any HR there are around, on an average, 200-300 employees (in a mid size organization) to handle directly. A huge team at hand and everyone has some or the other tiny / silly / serious / huge problem to share with HR. Also, with an expectation that HR will provide a solution and that too right away.

I enjoy being that ‘agony aunt’ for the employees around and I feel, from the bottom of my heart, that I was born to do this job. I’m happy most of the times I’m able to give satisfactory answers and doable solutions to the employees. I’m able to bring a smile on their faces and also make them feel comfortable and help them bounce back to their perky moods, feel motivated and get active and productive on job!!

But on the other hand, there are days and then there are days. An HR being a human being too, must go through bad hair days themselves, no? Has anyone thought of this? When in trouble, while feeling low, while feeling let down, whom does the HR approach? Where does the HR vent out? Who addresses HR’s grievances?

These questions cross my mind when once in a while I feel out of place. I feel where should I go and pour my heart out? Do you feel the same? Or do you always manage to be bubbly and have no bad hair days at work?

When I face the bad hair day, I usually prefer reading, listening to light music, shutting down work for a brief while, talking to employees around about them, calling mom πŸ™‚ , eating chocolate!

On the contrary, do you even think the HR has the right to feel low, sad or demotivated?


4 thoughts on “Can HR have bad hair days?

  1. Good One Nupur. Well, HR too is an employee, hence they too go through the ups and downs. Hence one just needs to do what they like to do when feeling low. Take a walk or just listen to music or chit chat. And at the end of the day, this fact will never change….there is no HR for “HR” πŸ™‚

  2. I agree. HR got to be self-motivated, problem-solver etc., but at the end of the day we are human beings too with our own emotions. We can handle ourselves and so, we are HR. Good read Nupur. I second your thoughts.

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