Exercising the Exercising Option

Exercising! What does the word ring in your head? Weight loss? Staying fit? Size Zero for that matter? Well, look at it in a different way, it is a stress buster too along with the above mentioned advantages!

Before that, what is exercising, IMO…..It could be in any form: dancing, sports, swimming, gyming, walking, jogging, whatever includes your entire body to take part in it 🙂

I feel exercising is important for everyone, especially working professionals. Why this ‘especially’, you may ask, because most of us are in a sedentary jobs which doesn’t give us much scope to move around a lot in the day. The reasons I exercise regularly (apart from trying to lose on that tough flab which is so loyal to me, gah!) are as below :

-Motivated, Energetic and Relaxed- the entire day!

-I get more ideas, the grey matter gets oiled 🙂

-It breaks the monotony of my daily routine, adds some vigor!

-Let’s me meet those friends who are not work friends, not colony friends and not relatives! (I think this is the biggest advantage!!!!!)

-Changes my perspective towards things in life.

-Gives me very own ‘me’ time… (I love this one!!!)

-Let’s me be more efficient in whatever I do the entire day.

-Helps me keep away from attracting negative energies.

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Technically, exercising increases your body’s metabolism, blood flow, purifies your blood and pumps in a lot of energy to keep you rocking for entire day!

Interestingly, looking at the growing importance of exercising among employees, organizations are now providing in-house gym areas for employees’ convenience and flexibility to take a break from work and rock that treadmill ! I heard recently that there are treadmill conference rooms also, which allows executives to exercise while having a meeting, it is indeed a kewl sounding thought but I have a little problem at that. By providing treadmills in conference rooms, we are not letting employees disconnect from work and let them set their minds free… the sole purpose of exercising gets diluted here, me thinks!

Because, I feel exercising releases your stress, work stress at that which is harmful if not taken out. One has to “learn” (note that, I’m saying learn) to not take the work stress home with oneself. Often we tend to take the stress home to our families who deserve better than this, trust me!

Taking work to our home, our families is a very common trait and is fashionably called as being workaholic ! Some feel proud admitting that they are workaholic…. however, this is another story altogether and calls for another post 🙂

So coming back to exercising, how many days a week do you exercise? Do you feel the same that I’ve listed above as a result of exercising? What’s are your views? Do share, would love to hear !!



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