Employee Engagement

I’ve so far maybe taken 100 interviews and what I generally ask to 3+ years of experienced HR professionals is “what do you mean by employee engagement?” and you’ve to bite yourself to believe this that 70% of the times I get an answer “to conduct activities for employees”.

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Earlier I used to get upset with such answer/s and think that people are not ready to even think using a little of the common sense. But slowly when it started getting very common, I studied people deeper for this particular subject and realized ‘Employee Engagement’ is still not very much explored topic in lot of HR curricula.

I sometimes take lectures in B-Schools on ‘Connect between Industry and Theoretical HR’ and I touch base on employee engagement. Students do have some idea about what is engagement but there answers and eyes ask for more knowledge on this topic.

Employee Engagement, such an essential topic for core HR personnel. If you look at the industry today, you’ll find there are employee engagements specialists and it has become one of the domains in HR. A good EE score tells how very deeply engaged are your employees in the organization.

Engagement varies at various levels: work, profile, attachment towards organization, commitment towards one’s role, on call beyond duty. Engaged employees not only decrease the attrition rate but also function as your brand ambassadors.

Value them, empower them, care for them and cater to their needs. That said you’ve to know the difference between genuine needs and overboard needs 🙂 After all who said HR personnel job was easy?





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