Is there a definite way to be the desired boss your team members want you to be? Sure, there are several ‘how-tos’ and ‘know-hows’ as well as ‘dos and dont’s’ available at your fingertips now to read through and try and inculcate it in your habit but the question still remains, is there a particular way to do it ?

Let me ask it differently here. Are subordinates ever going to like their bosses 100% ? Is the relationship fool proof where in there would be no disagreements and only positive waves running throughout? Are the bosses going to be always right ?

I’m very vague in my thoughts right now on this and using this blog as my sounding board.

There are certain things that come to my mind when I think / hear ‘best boss’:

^ Someone best for one team member might not be the best for the others- all human being react differently to different people.

^A boss might be overtly good to one team member and maybe a little less to others- bosses can have soft corners.

^A boss can have good days and bad days when he would react in a different manner-well sometimes this may happen, after all the boss is a human being!

^One technique can be applicable to one team member and the same can be a failure on other- no team member is same.

Considering all the above, the thought comes to my mind, how can there be a particular tool or technique where in we can learn how to be the best bosses or the one whom our team wants us to be?

IMO, A boss needs to be a human being first and foremost, compassionate, empathetic and a good listener.

Having these basic attributes in personality itself makes you win half the battle. The rest remains in how you stabilize the working system by setting rules of trust, respect and coordination. These all are closely knitted i.e. if there is trust there is respect and if there is trust and respect there bound to be coordination, whatsoever!

What is your view?


5 thoughts on “Boss!

  1. Hi,

    Agree with your thoughts. Adding on….your team member (since he/she is not at your level, and cannot see your reason/perspective behind any action) will not always tag you as ‘right’. But I feel one should not care much about that.

    Second your opinion, when you say…. “A boss needs to be a human being first and foremost, compassionate, empathetic and a good listener.”

    Just try to get better each day and just wish to get bit closer to becoming the ‘best boss’. Because you cannot be ‘best’ anyway…. ‘best’ is only GOD.

    So do good deeds… and be a good human 🙂 that’s it!

  2. Dear Ma’am,
    Nice post…as trust of other people always matter a lot, not only to win their respect for you but to maintain a strong relationship……and i think the same is applicable in case of corporate sector which also demands trust & Respect.

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