Why are you in the career that you're in ?

Right from the childhood it has been a question doing rounds in the family and amongst friends. “What will you be when you grow up?”

We must have surely answered so many options on every time being asked about our future,right ? And almost everything that had been said then has been lost somewhere in our minds or with our childhood. Very few make it to the mark and do what they’ve believed right from the age of 5 or even a 3 ! [like the kids in reality dance shows these days say that they always knew that they wanted to be a dancer..I wonder since when do they mean by ‘always’?]

Okay the whole point here is why do we chose a certain career option? What could be the possible reasons ? Like may be a career growth? Because your parents wanted you to earn this degree ?Peers taking up the same education? A good job ? Good Handsome Hefty pay pack ? May be abroad assignments ? To increase your value in marriage market ? Surprised to see this is an option ? Well, don’t be !

Since now I’ve come this side of the benches I’ve got a deep insight in the minds of the pupils who [say that they] slog for that one precious degree called MBA. I found out that there are quiet a few people who really get into MBA because they believe that it WILL fetch them a job for sure and with a great package at that ! So getting the drift ?

MBA degree only for these two reasons…neither for knowledge nor for keenness to learn business administration? I don’t mind people having the JOB as the motive to study further… nothing wrong in it..but having job and money the only motives,valid ? Okay,even for an instance we take it as valid..does that mean you just need to somehow cross that border of which one side is blue and other side is red ? Yes, I’m talking about students who only sit in the class for getting those grace marks and cross the border and declare themselves an MBA…without actually gaining any subject knowledge…just the degree that is !

How fair is this attitude ? I’ve come across a boy in my class who has this casual attitude..conversation with him was like this the other day:

Me:What next ? Your MBA done…
Him: Let’s see..
Me: What about job ? You’ve not got placed through campus..no worries ?
Him: Oh not at all ! *with a sweet relaxed smile* job toh lag jayegi !
Me: Really ? Sure ?
Him: Oh why not? I’ve MBA certificate to show…
Me: *Kept wondering* What about the knowledge ?…..and I was nothing but left wondering…

Where is this attitude taking people ? Guys opt for a professional degree to raise their value in matrimony market..so that they can claim higher dowry..yes I said dowry !

Is education going to be the key for only these purposes ? Going forward it will be career=how much money and not career=knowledge+status+money !

Sigh !With this growing attitude I worry what kind of employees are these colleges going to generate for employment !


8 thoughts on “Why are you in the career that you're in ?

  1. Nu you know what,i used to teach at a certain B school, where kids drove in with Mercedes and professor in Fiats…what a sad state of affairs!!! i think when i have a kid, he will only promote to a bike at 26 ..till then cycle!Kids seriously need to be tought a lil more of ethics an values n of course the meaning of education

  2. Nu…..well written… knowledge now is not part of education it is only to acquire a career…A friend teaches ground subjects in aviation, and am told, that kids want to study only to pass those set questions,and not learn what really flying is all about….sad state..but i guess this is what easy money does, meses up attitudes.

  3. Dear Ma’am……..really appreciate thought as there should always be a strong reason to justify ourselves………that why are we into it…? some times our decisions are influenced by others may be parents,friends or Peers as you said which may or might give a good result in hands but not such a defined purpose which again makes it difficult for you to justify yourself when someone ask you that why are you into that particular F. ??? so again its your predefined purpose that develop a real knowledge & real attitude……

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