Interviewing Styles

There are so many ways of taking an interview. Contradictory to earlier times when it was only a face to face interview taking place or even a word of recommendation would fetch a person the job or the degree-read: diploma that one held was taken as a passing criteria for grabbing that job, today employers have numerous creative ways to judge a person’s abilities for the specific role. Examples being:

Face to Face[F2F] interview-Where the interviewers and the interviewee meet and the question-answer session is conducted.

Con-Call interview- Where the interviewee is likely to be in other city or is unable to make it to the interview point on specified days then the first round is conducted in the form of con-call and if the interviewee sounds good enough to meet for once then the second F2F round is scheduled.

Video-Conferencing-Where the interviewee is in other city or unable to make it to the face-to-face interview this video conferencing does a dual job of first round [con-call] and the second round [F2F] in one go.Easy and suitable for the both parties.

Presentation Interview-Where the interviewer asks the interviewee to prepare the presentation on certain topic pertaining to the area of expertise and then ask questions depending upon that. it again is a useful way to know the candidate’s ability to present,communicate,ppt skills and subject knowledge expertise. In this manner one is able to judge the candidate’s personality and flexibility as well. 

All these methods to know the candidate very well can be applied at any level and by any organisation. But the question still remains..Does any of these methods guarantee a fine, matured and perfect candidate ? Two question arise from this one question..1. Is there anything called a perfect candidate ? 2. If these methods are not enough to find a perfect candidate,then what is ?

Of course the answer to the question 1 being ‘no’ would make the answer to the question 2 as ‘null’ !!



One thought on “Interviewing Styles

  1. Dear Ma’am……Got the point as no one is perfect here so as a result of this there is no method up to now through which one can Judge such perfection…….:)

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