DOs and DONTs before the Interview

How to go to an interview ? A very typical question that has no particular answer. What all is available is in the form of gyaan and experiences of those who would tell you all those do’s and don’t’s list,right ? Well, I’m spilling the beans based on my experience as the interviewer. When I see people coming in for the interview the first thing that I notice is how they are dressed up and how they are carrying themselves. It’s really important for the first impression to be the right impression,especially when you are applying for the senior roles in any organisation. Some things which I would want to suggest are:

The first impression which is gauged by 2 sense of the interviewer:eyes and nose.

Look your bestdoesn’t mean that you need to put up extra make-up or wear something which you haven’t earlier.It just means that you should look your comfortable best while going to the interview.Your attire or hair-do should not take your attention and make you uncomfortable.Just be well groomed.

Smell goodThe one thing which puts the interviewers off is the smell. If at all you are going to travel from a far away place to the interview please ensure that you reach at least half an hour prior to the time so that you can use the washroom and get yourself neat and tidy again.You should not smell foul that’s the mantra.

Wear decentclothes-Doesn’t mean that you should wear a suit and tie as compulsion. But it should look decent enough to be called as professional and suit the environment of the organisation you are visiting. 

The first impression which is gauged by the mind of the interviewer:

Reach on time- No matter where the destination is you need to start accordingly to reach on time. There is no excuse like ‘heavy traffic’ or ‘rains’ or ‘anything’ in this world for not reaching somewhere in time. If you know it will take time then start early. It’s pretty okay if you reach even 1 hour prior to the interview time but it’s always better than reaching late.

Carry your resume properly-Why not think about carrying the resume in an A4 size envelope ? Doesn’t take much right ? But let me tell you it does leave a good impression on the interviewers. Just imagine what would a folded and bare resume look like ? Also,make sure you carry at least 2 copies of your resume properly stapled and page numbered. Each kept in different envelopes.

Know the person-You should know the name and the designation of the person you are going to meet. And of course the contact person that has been mentioned in your interview details.It’s not necessary that the contact person mentioned will be the same person to take your interview. So,be careful and remember the names.

Accessories-Don’t be too much loaded with a lot of accessories in your hand. Carry a nice hand bag or a brief case to keep your keys,pen,mobile etc. If at all you are carrying a shopping bag or a polyethylene bag make sure you leave it in the car OR at the reception with the receptionist requesting her to keep an eye on that OR outside the cabin into which you are getting in for the interview. Carrying lot of things in your hand is a no-no because it just makes you look clumsy. 

Switch Off-Please,Please,Please make sure that you switch off your mobile phones. No keeping it on vibrator mode. Just plain and simple switch it off. Please.Nothing is urgent than those few minutes of your interview time which would mark your career graph,right?

Now all set for the interview ! Just be yourself and face it gracefully.Be cheerful and take time to speak anything that you want to rather than jumping on the answers right away.Listen carefully and ask questions wherever required !

Good Luck !

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