Playing the blame game

Have received this in an email and thought of sharing it here.. Must be an old carton strip doing rounds but those of you who haven’t checked it yet here it goes…

It only makes me wonder that do whatever it finally points to HR department ! I had a professor in MBA college who always used to tell us students that ‘There will always be an employee at your desk cribbing about something or the other and putting the whole blame on HR for that then be it a personal problem or whatsoever’. That time we used to wonder as to why our prof is saying this and we also used to think,sometimes,that we have chosen a wrong specialization ! But today when I have worked in corporate world I have realized and understood what prof meant when he had made that statement ! To quote one simple experience from my work-life..

I was generally chatting with one of the trainees in the office one day and catching upon his where abouts..[generally I believe in taking that simple ‘hi-hello’ morning round in the office at all work desks which keeps me updated about what’s the mood of the day of employees-Taken this from my ex-HOD] So while I was chatting with this ‘bacchu’ [term given by me to all the junior / trainee employees] we came to the topic of him having any girl friend in is the piece of conversation:
Him: Nope 😦 [making sad face]
I: Oh why ?
Him: Because of HR !
I: [startled look] How ?
Him: Because you are not recruiting more people so we are loaded with so much work hence no time to go out and make GF !
A few days later when I bump into him again heres how we had a discussion:
I: So what’s up ? Now you have more team members in the project.Hows everything ?
Him: Oh very well !
I: [teasingly] So, now do you have a GF since you have time ?
Him: Oh no ! How can I ?
I: Oh ? Now what’s the issue ?
Him: Well, HR is not paying us well so how can I afford a GF !

So that’s it ! HR is the best bet to put blames on for anything and everything under the sun ! 🙂

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