Friendships in corporate world-A yes or A no ?

Friendships are bound to happen in any organizational set-up. No matter how much you tell yourself right from the start that ‘this is the professional set-up and no getting emotionally entangled here’ you are bound to make friends and not only that but get emotionally involved too. I won’t blame anyone here. Since this is a tendency of human nature. We human beings are bound to get into relationships at every corner or our life journey. Where we fail is to draw the line and keep things separate. If one is able to do that perfectly than nothing like it.
Point in case here is: Two college best buddies land up in the same organization and one is into HR and other is into specialized domain of the company from ‘finance’ as PG specialization. Both the friends are talented and equally good in their respective fields.
Over a period of time they both make a mistake. They fail to draw that ‘thin’ line between personal and professional and that’s where the process of drifting away started.
If you haven’t guessed it already let me tell you. It all goes around the promotions which take place in the organization one ‘appraisal cycle’. The HR friend obviously gets involved into the matter with a personal touch and the other friend doesn’t trust the HR friend totally! The case is spoiled. The results are clear. The other friend has to leave the company and go. Though the HR friend survives in the company due to the sincerity and the hard work but had put the reputation on stake for getting the ‘finance’ friend a promotion!
Two things that I think went wrong in this case:
One- HR friend should have not crossed the professional line to reach to the personal side and put her image at stake (which fortunately was saved due to the goodwill she had earned)
Two-Finance friend should have trusted her HR friend and should have taken the process as guided by the HR friend-After all if HR is involved-it knows the process best!
There is one more angle to this case which I don’t put as a reason why this chaos happened but could be the reason of all this rut starting actually. Both friends were girls! I hope I don’t have to explain further what I want to say here.
Since we are on friendships within the organization I would want to quote one more case and a discussion point here.
It’s about two colleagues-working in the same team- who turn out to be best friends over a period of time working together. Let’s call them N and S. They have the finest co-ordination and can work together for hours and efficiently. Also these friends are the best performers of the team. Both of them kept together are equal to 4 people in a team. So this is the chemistry they share work wise and personally too.
N leaves the organization for good and without disputes. Of course there is this insecure feeling for S in the organization and also the desire to excel and work like earlier times is slowly fading. Also both of them being together were much stronger a team than singlet. So one fine day, soon after N’s departure, S decides that she too wants to quit get into a new work place and environment. Not only because N is no more in the team but due to some team problems also creeping in slowly. May be these problems were always there but S never noticed them or may be never had time to pay a heed to them!
Okay so S decides to leave and wants her resume to be revamped. She approaches N for the same-they being buddies it was obvious!  They both work together on S’s resume.
Now the points to ponder and question are:
One-Do you think one should totally ignore the other team members and stick to only one of the friends always?
Two-Is right to make a resume of another person? (I mean not saying guiding in making the resume but actually making the resume) Shouldn’t it be the persons’ task, to make the resume, which is going to face the interview?
Three- Is changing job just because your friend is not working anymore with your in the team a right decision? Or leaving the organization because there are some problems creeping in the team?

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