All the RIGHT things to do

Team. What does that mean ?

Dictionary meaning: a number of persons associated in some joint action.
Acronym: Together We Can Achieve More.

What it takes to make a team?
Practically speaking it takes only few people for hiring manager to recruit and put them under one banner called team. But, is the only task at the manager’s end ? To recruit and forget ?

To make a team work, it needs a lot of time investment,how ?
Well, once a team is created. It needs to be nurtured properly and the at the right times. As is it mentioned in OB that there is process through which a group of people go through and finally form a team. The entire process requires an anchor to manage the ups and downs of the process. So, for managing the team the manager needs to be a perfect balanced person who can manage himself / herself.

Team Building: We keep hearing this often in the corporate world. Team Building exercise,activities and workshops. What are these for ? Why give so much importance to building a team ? Well, i say why not give importance to that ?

As far as my experience is goes,a team is like an engine. If it is oiled properly it will function smoothly or else it will keep giving you problems time and again. So, what is this OIL in the people’s team ? This oil is nothing but the blend of right candidates with right domain knowledge and right attitude, right manager and the right atmosphere to work in.

Now its like asking for too many RIGHT things, isn’t it ? Well, actually no. People are the basic requirement for any team or organisation for sure. So even if you have only right people the atmosphere will turn out to be right because of them.

Right People: Who are they ? Which breed ? Where are they found ?
Now that’s the right question. Right people are not found in any particular market but are to be searched for. And that why we have a process called recruitment. So its really important to have a fine tuned recruitment process in place. If it is there, you are sure to get the right people in your team.

So what am i saying? We need to have right recruitment process to have right people who will make the right team and give you the right results !

Because, to have a successfully functioning team you should have either or both of these:
Strong Leader
Strong Army


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