Organisational Commitment-Test in downturn !

Organizational Commitment: What do we really think when we hear /read this title? The first reaction we might give is-A HR topic. A new HR jargon. etc etc… Theoretically- It’s performing beyond yourjob responsibilities in the organization.

Practically-Do we check with ourselves about the organizational commitment?So guys when especially in this time, we are talking about the Job loss and salary cut, can we think about organizational commitment as well?

These are the best time for any HR personnel to figure out who is really committed to the work and the company. Post appraisals people come and ask for -“what is in it for me? I did so well. I did late sittings. I did that…I did this…” does this all sound familiar?

When the top layer in the company is being fair and honest with the employees below, its employees’ duty to trust them and support them in the bad times. Help the organization sail through even in the rough weather. Its time for employees to get up and stand together for their organization. Isn’t it?

For those who did get their bonus pay and are not sacked (sorry for being harsh) should really thank god and see how they can perform better to enhance the company’s productivity. Employees could try any or all of these and more to fight the current scenario:

Enhance / Upgrade your own skills

Train your team members

Learn new skills in other areas / functions

Design a new business model, applying creativity, to sell you product / project

Help form a Green Team in your organization who would device methods to reduce extra expenses in the organizations.

Form a Motivators’ Group-To motivate the employees within team as well beyond.

… And there could be many such. In turn organizations could also take few steps to help employees come out of the setback and motivate them to look forward to better times.

All in all both the shores-employees and Management-need to come together to stand strong and fight through with the current times. Remember we learnt long back in school- Together we stand, divided we fall!

HR comes into picture to balance the act at both the ends. It functions as the mid-hanger between Management and Employees. In these times HR plays a very critical role. It has to be alert and Active!

So what are we saying? That HR plays an important role in motivating employees, increasing their organizational commitment and helping management take right decisions pertaining to employees.

Employees on the other hand need to be more understanding and careful about their steps. Cautious and open for change.

Management needs to Listen and Think. Act cautiously and be open and honest!


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